Compact informations about the RTL Radiovermarktung


Successful on air with the RTL Radiovermarktung!

We are:

The Exclusive Marketer of the successful Berlin radio stations 104.6 RTL, 105'5 Spree radio and 93,6 JAM FM BERLIN

A Germany-wide Marketer of individual special advertising forms. We steer your advertising pressure according to your target
group and your target area.

Our Service:

We compile with you unique, innovative solutions, coordinated on your individual communication and advertising aims.

  • strategical planning
  • creation and concept
  • production
  • coordination
  • conversion
  • reporting
  • documentation

Everything from one source: from one hand, we manage your campaigns for you. Depending on your needs we develop your customized campaign - "On Air" and "Online" and "always there" where your customer is.
From the planning, creation, production, control, execution to monitoring and documentation - we are your partner for your success.

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The portfolio:

104.6 RTL – market leader & simply THE Hit-Radio of Berlin!

Since 104.6 RTL was founded in 1991 it has been the radio station for young people in Berlin who are the advertising-relevant target group in the age of 14 to 39 as well as in the age of 14 to 49.
Due to extraordinary competitions and the most spectacular promotion in the city, there are definitely happy listeners every day. „Arno und die Morgencrew“ is Berlins funniest morning program. They present next to crazy audience campaigns  and comedy sketches the latest news as well as the current weather- and traffic reports

Station key facts:

  • The number-one radio station in Berlin!
  • 774.000 listeners per day
  • main target group: 14 to 49 years old
  • average age: 42,6 years
  • 76 % of the listeners are employed
  • 85 % of the listeners are living in Berlin and its environs
  • 62 % of the 104.6 RTL-households have a total income of more than € 2,500 per month
  • the listeners stay an average of 175 minutes with 104.6 RTL
  • Ø 765.000 PI per month (IVW, state: April – June 2017)
  • 157.000 Facebook-friends (state: July 2017)


105'5 Spreeradio - 50 / 50 Mix!

105‘5 Spreeradio plays the 105‘5 Spreeradio 50/50 Mix - The best songs of all time and the best of today! Start your day right with „Jochen Trus am Morgen“, our Grimme award-winning morning show.
The morning team is searching for thrilling stories in your district, is analyzing the latest developments worldwide, has got the best hints for your perfect day and places a great emphasis on your opinion. Authentically, informatively, entertainingly and  always up to date. Exclusive with us: surrounding information, more service and listener campaigns with heart, mind and passion. The biggest team of reporters in the city will inform you better the whole day.
We are THE quality radio station in the capital for everyone who between 30 and 59 years old.

Station key facts:

  • 367.000 listeners per day
  • 105.5 Spreeradio is the high-quality radio station in the capital for everyone aged between 30 and 59
  • main target group: 30 to 59 years old
  • average age: 50,8 years
  • 66 % of the listeners are employed
  • 95 % of the listeners are living in Berlin and its environs
  • 60 % of the 105‘5 Spreeradio-households have a total income of more than € 2,500 per month
  • the listeners stay an average of 158 minutes with 105‘5 Spreeradio
  • Ø 274.000 PI per month (IVW, state: April – June 2017)
  • 22.000 Facebook-friends (state: July 2017)



93,6 JAM FM inspires the young and urban target group with new music trends of the music industry. The moderators set new trends in the capital due to authentic, interactive communication.
They talk about highlights from music, fashion and lifestyle from all over the world and introduce them to Berlin. With sympathetic Berlin Slang they have their fingers on the pulse of the audience. New Events in the city, concerts, clubs and live-entertainment count to JAM FM Berlin as well as the morning program with John & Rasheed

Station key facts:


  • 259.000 listeners per day
  • Young. Trendy. Berlin. MUSIC TO INSPIRE YOU.
  • main target group: 14 to 29 years old
  • average age: 33,1 years
  • 79 % of the listeners are employed
  • 94 % of the listeners are living in Berlin and its environs
  • 68 % of the 93,6 JAM FM-households possessmore than 2.500 € per month
  • the listeners stay on average of 89 minutes with 93,6 JAM FM
  • Ø 365.000 PI per month (IVW, state: March – July 2016)
  • 162.000 Facebook-friends (state: July 2017)


With the following presentation, you will find more station information, ranges and structures including prices and CPT 2016